A Midwest Kingdom

A Midwest Kingdom 
Crown Vision Center 
22 Locations (Illinois, St. Louis Missouri) 
Jen Oliver, Buyer 

Jen Oliver, a buyer at Crown Vision Center in City Place, Mo. is able to balance a specific focus with a broad spectrum of customers when buying for her store. “Men used to come in wanting the exact same frame, color and brand that they purchased five plus years ago,” Oliver said. “[Now] we have more brands and a much wider selection of men’s frames in order to cater to every age group.” 

At Crown Vision Center, Oliver said, the purchasing characteristics of young male customers vary, but the end result is often the same. “Most young men know what they want before they walk in the door,” she said. “They tend to look for plastic, geek chic and wayfarer styles that are a bolder or heavier color.” 

When selecting new eyewear, their main concern is the look or trendiness of the frame, with budget falling into the background. “Men are not as concerned about price as they are about style,” she said. “The budget tends to be an afterthought. Once they find the perfect style, color and fit, the price does not matter.” 

In the past few years, Oliver has observed that men have become more aware of their eyewear choices and their overall image, and summarized the shift simply: “Men are more fashion conscience. They are concerned about the latest fashions and what looks good on them.”  

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