uv coatings

Ultra Violet coating is a beneficial lens treatment  that is an invisible dye that blocks UV Rays.  In this day and age, many products come with sun protection: cosmetics, lip balm, moisturizers, and even clothing. Most people know to protect the skin with sunscreen to keep the sun’s UV rays from damaging our skin or worse yet, causing cancer. What is often overlooked however, is our eyes are just as susceptible to the sun’s UV rays as our skin. Similar to the way sunblock prevents the sun's UV rays from damaging your skin, eyeglass lenses should shield your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Overexposure to ultraviolet light is thought to be a cause of cataracts, retinal damage and other eye problems.

Regular plastic eyeglass lenses block some UV light, but adding a UV-blocking dye boosts UV protection to 100 percent for added safety.

There are three types of UV radiation, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

  • UV-C , the most harmful, is fortunately filtered by the earth’s ozone layer. This leaves us to consider UV-A and UV-B.
  • UV-A exposure can cause damage to the retina, which is the part of the eye that receives images and transmits that information to the brain.
  • UV-B has been associated with the development of cataracts.

UV coatings are easily applied, and will not change the appearance of a lens in any way. This simple procedure, which is sunscreen for your eyes, will protect you from future damage and vision problems. The only exception to consider is polycarbonate lenses. This material has no need for UV treatment because it has anti-UV properties inherent in the material.

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